Do you care for your feet? You can actually take care of your health with Foot Reflexology.  Foot Reflexology works on the premise that all the nerves and veins in your body pass through your feet. The feet are actually the junction boxes. Therapists at Footworks, have been trained to identify key reflex points on your feet, and apply varied amounts of pressure, using their fingers and knuckles to activate the various organs in your body, ensuring overall wellness and health management whilst releasing stress and detoxifying.


Some of the proven benefits of Foot Reflexology being:


  • Relief from every day body aches and pains
  • Reduction in muscle cramps, spasms and other muscular issues
  • Detoxification and optimizing of the functions of all organs of the body
  • Helps recalibrate the Central Nervous System
  • Helps improve circulation, nerve co-ordination and insulin production
  • Very effective in pre & neo natal care, right from easy labor to lactation


What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is based on the ancient and time-tested principles that all the organs and glands in our body are connected to reflex points on our feet. Pressure point techniques are used to focus on these reflex points, to release blocked energy channels and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities, the perfect therapy for general wellness.The foot represents the body: as divided into ten reflex zones, like a mirror image of the body. In the reflexology chart, you can see that each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. Specific manipulation and pressure of reflex points reduces and eliminates blockages in the corresponding glands or organs and therefore restores a healthy balance.

What you need to know about Reflexology?

Reflexology can be a good treatment choice for people who want to keep their clothes on during a massage. It is also a good choice if you are pressed for time and don't want to get oil on your body or in your hair. The well trained therapists at Footworks can give you effective Reflexology therapy that will ease away all your stress and help you relax and rejuvenate after a physically or mentally taxing work schedule.

Reflexology has been practised in the United States since the early 20th century, and was called "zone therapy" in its earliest incarnations. It is based on the theory that the body is divided into ten zones running longitudinally from head to toe -- five on each side of the body.Practitioners believe that pressure on reflex points on the foot or hand will affect body organs in the same zone.

In recent years, reflexology practitioners have begun to incorporate the acupressure techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) into their work.Although reflexology is based on the theory of "zones" instead of T.C.M.'s theory of "meridians" or energy pathways, both treatments are based on the principle that working on specific points can bring about a therapeutic effect in other parts of the body.

How does Foot Reflexology work?

Reflexology works as the pressure techniques applied to the feet or hands interact as a part of the body's nervous system creating: relaxation, improved circulation, exercise of the nervous system and the benefits of touch. Pressure sensors in the feet and hands are a part of the body's reflexive response that makes possible the "fight or flight" reaction to danger. Feet ready to flee and hands ready to fight communicate with the body’s internal organs-think adrenal glands and adrenal to make possible either eventuality.

Reflexology, viewed as both a natural and complementary therapy, is based on the premise that there are "trigger points" or "pressure sensors" located in the feet, hands, ears and face that "reflect" or mirror and correspond with all body parts. By applying alternating pressure to these reflex points the reflexologist can activate the inner healing powers of the body so that it can begin to naturally restore itself to its own healthy balance, or homeostasis.

The art of Foot reflexology must not be confused with basic foot massage or body massage in general. It is believed reflexology can be effective in helping to reduce the effects and or symptoms of stress, back pain, anxiety, migraines, infertility, lack of sleep, restlessness or being overworked and other physiological changes in the body.

What are the benefits of Foot Reflexology?

Some common benefits of Foot Reflexology:

Soothes Tired Feet – the fastest and most visible impact of effective foot reflexology is the soothing effect it has on aching and tired feet. The well-trained therapists at Footworks, use delicate manipulations of their knuckles and fingers, to ensure that you get the spring back in your step immediately. So should you have had a long tired day at work, a stiff workout at the gym, a marathon to run or just about any kind of stiffness in your feet, then foot reflexology is the therapy you should turn to.

Improves Metabolism – Increasing use of technology and sedentary lifestyles, even desk jobs, drastically reduce our metabolic rates, leading to obesity, hypertension, diabetes and many other adverse health conditions. Authentic Chinese Foot Reflexology has a proven track record of enhancing the metabolic rate of the human body. Reflexology at Footworks ensures that all vital organs for your body are sufficiently stimulated and by applying the right amount of pressure at the right points, thus removing blockages, improving the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation thus offering you a complete rejuvenative experience. For long-term results, it is advised that you should take regular sessions of foot reflexology ranging from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Improves Blood Circulation - Reflexology has its roots in India, Egypt and China where it has been practiced for hundreds of years. While most reflexology techniques focus on working on certain vantage or magic points on the feet, Chinese Foot Reflexology, actually maps the various organs of the human body on the feet and ascertains the reflex points co-relating to the various organs. Foot Reflexology offered at Footworks applies these techniques to remove all blockages in your nerves, veins and blood vessels, thereby rejuvenating the organs and making you feel relaxed and refreshed. The foot reflexology sessions offered at Footworks help you manage health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, indigestion, sinusitis, etc., effectively by improving the blood circulation in your body.

Strengthens Immune System – With growing urbanization come the vagaries of pollution and contagious infections. Pollen allergy, dust allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders, bacterial and viral infections are some of the most common health afflictions faced by one and all in our society today. Footworks offers you the ideal therapy to combat environmental related health issues, using Chinese acupressure therapy. Our experienced therapists will work magic with their fingers, by activating various reflex points on your feet, to remove blockages and strengthen the lymphatic drainage system of your body, which aids in detoxification and a stronger immune system.

Destressing – In today’s competitive and demanding work and social environment, stress and fatigue are some of the biggest hindrances that most people face. Foot Reflexology at Footworks helps you calm your nerves while being pampered and rejuvenated in a hygienic and luxurious ambience. Reflexology helps you in handling insomnia, stress related headaches and joint pains, fatigue and hypertension, which directly help in positively impacting the quality of life and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Footworks specializes in offering Foot Reflexology for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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