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Foot Reflexolgy is an ancient therapy that has its roots in India, China and Egypt. It is applying techniques of accupressure on your hands and feet at various critical points known as reflex points to trigger various organs for the body by improving circulation.

At Footworks we offer authentic Chinese Foot Reflexology. This follows the principles of Chinese Acupressure therapy and works on the premise that all the nerves and veins pass through our hands and feet. Further the entire body has been mapped on the feet and our trained therapists use various techniques of their hands and knuckles to apply optimal pressure on these reflex points which are mapped to the various organs of the body, thus stimulating, rejuvenating and detoxifying the entire body for overall wellness.

Ayurvedic Massages use a lot of oils and herbs and will need more time and Thai and ayurvedic massages do not have specific reflex points as clearly mapped as in the Chinese technique followed at Footworks. They only do thumb press or thumb walking of the entire foot.

The Foot reflexology therapy offered at Footworks is literally a massage on the go – You don’t need to change or shower after the massage. If you have even as little as 30 minutes to spare we can offer you a great rejuvenating session of foot reflexology. You can come in during your lunch break or any time convenient to you we are open all seven days of the week from 11 am to 8 pm.

The Foot Reflexology offered at Footworks is incomparable, some of the salient features being:

  • Authentic Chinese Foot Reflexology techniques followed
  • Luxurious themed interiors in all our stores
  • Hygienic and allergen free environment
  • We map almost 65 reflex points on each foot, which are connected to various organs of your body
  • Exclusive training methodology used to ensure quality of therapy offered and regular re-training done, even for some of our most seasoned therapists
  • Perfect amalgam of Chinese and Indonesian techniques
  • Massage on the go – no messy creams used, no oils and no change or shower required post therapy

At Footworks we do not use any herbal or medicinal oil for the massage. We use a basic massage cream which we assemble specifically to ensure our therapists can massage the feet comfortably. The cream is an almond and olive oil cream, which has minimal smell to ensure that we maintain and hygienic and allegen free environment. We want to ensure that Reflexolgy works for you and not the medicinal oil.

Sorry, we don’t allow any other creams or oils as they might have strong smells, which may cause irritation or allergy to some other customers. Moreover, our therapists use minimal cream or oil, which only helps them to move their knuckles and fingers easily, too much of oil or cream can cause the therapists fingers to slip and not connect with the exact reflex points. Most importantly the therapeutic effect is in the massage and not in the oil or cream used.

At Footworks we are very clear that we offer only therapeutic reflexology and do not do curative reflexology. All our therapists are well trained on the various reflex points and can help you deal with common symptoms like hypertension, sinusitis, indigestion, diabetes, head aches and stress to name a few. We do not have doctors at our spas. You can however mention any specific symptom you need help with on our profile card, which will be given to you when you visit our outlets and our front office staff will communicate the same to the therapists.

At Footworks we offer authentic Chinese foot reflexology which emphasizes a lot on touch therapy too. Our therapists use their knuckles and fingers using various techniques such as Mo Fa, Ma Fa, Ji Fa, Yao Fa, Pia Fa etc. to ensure you have the optimal pressure and an absolutetly rejuvenating experience.

Sorry we don’t offer physiotherapy

As mentioned above ours is a no-oil non messy massage and our therapists use minimal cream hence a shower is not required. We do not have a shower or locker facility.

No we don’t sell any footwear or acupressure tools.

The foot reflexology at Footworks is basically a massage on the go and you can walk-in in whatever you are wearing, however it is advisable that you come in loose fitting clothes, especially your trousers so that they can be comfortably pushed up till the knee for a most effective and relaxing foot reflexology session. We do not offer any clothing change for hygiene reasons. But if you are caught unawares you can as for a large towel that you can wrap around. Please avoid tight fitting jeans, trousers, chudidars etc., for your own ease and comfort.

The idea of getting a foot reflexology session done is to de-stress and relax. The soothing environment comprising of the interiors, lighting, music and post therapy care at all our Footworks’ outlets add to your sense of relaxation and de-stressing. Also you do not have the hassle of cleaning up after the massage. Sorry we do not offer home service.

We do not offer Lady therapists to gentleman to ensure that our therapists don’t get conscious during the massage and avoid awkward moments for them, due to which they might not be able to give their 100% for the massage. However, should a lady require a hard massage she can always request for a Male therapist.

The studios are smaller outlets with lesser privacy. The Lounges are more spacious and offer more privacy and luxury. The reflexology we offer is however the same. Absolutely no compromise on the quality of the therapy and our therapists.

We have very attractive membership packages, which are basically extra value given on an upfront payment. Our Value Packs start from as little as Rs. 5,000 and go up to Rs. 50,000. You can check with the front office at any of our stores and they will be happy to help you with more information.

Yes we do. You can call 9845196360 for details or also check with the front office and they will help you with your queries on bulk gift vouchers, events and corporate deals.

The back massage we offer is also based on reflex points, so it is important that you are sitting erect for the therapist to be able to trigger the exact reflex points and not to hit the bone. Since this is an absolute dry massage, we do not recommend more that 30 minutes of upper body massage.

The first and most important thing post therapy is drink a lot of liquids, especially warm water or green tea.

Secondly, take a few minutes after the therapy to sit and relax, and if you are driving have a warm drink before you start off as the therapy can make you feel drowsy at times, especially if it is the first time.

Everyone’s body reacts differently but one can expect detoxification and relaxation from the first session itself.

There are many more cumulative benefits such as:

  • Healthier skin & hair
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Better sleep quality
  • High energy levels
  • Lower stress levels

Everyone’s body reacts differently and we should all listen to our bodies. Some people take reflexology sessions almost every day. Especially those who are recuperating from viral infections and have been experiencing severe joint pains. The ideal / optimal duration would be at least 1 session every 10 days.

The ideal length of a foot reflexology session again depends on individuals. If you can tolerate pain then a good hard session of reflexology for 45 minutes will be as effective as taking a soft reflexology session for 90 minutes. However for effective and sustained results 60 minutes would be the ideal duration.

Yes foot reflexology is very helpful in managing diabetes and also dealing with symptoms like neuropathy which is prevalent in chronic diabetics. Our therapists will focus on reflex points of the pancreas, spleen and adrenal gland in particular to help our clients deal with diabetes. There is no guarantee for reduction in your sugar levels, as this is based on the type of diabetes and also your body’s ability to self heal, but it will definitely help you maintain and manage your sugar levels.

Yes foot reflexology is very effective in dealing with swollen legs caused by edema / oedema which is due to severe water retention in the body. The well trained therapists at Footworks gently work their fingers and knucles to coax out the blockages in your body and rejuvenate the kidneys, bladder and urethra and thus helping your system to flush out the excess water from your body.

Foot Reflexology has a proven track record in alleviating various symptoms from hypertension to sinusitis, indigestion, migraine, pre-natal and neo-natal care, insomnia, and many more common ailments. However we at Footworks offer only therapeutic sessions and not curative sessions as we do not have medical practitioners on call. We also believe that Reflexology as a therapy helps is holistic wellness and should be taken regularly to boost your overall health and not just when you are ill.

Foot Reflexology can be used as a complimentary therapy if you are working towards weight loss. Along with regular exercise and healthy diet, reflexology can help increase your metabolic rate thereby aidng in weight loss.

Yes Foot Reflexology gives you immense pain releif from arthritis and rheumatism. The relaxing reflexology sessions offered by our therapists help improve the circulation in your body, therby strengthening your muscles and relaxing your jointness to remove stiffness and discomfort.

We do not advise Foot Reflexology in the following cases:

  • High fever
  • Open or festering wounds/ eczema / skin irritation on the feet and hands
  • Severe varicose veins
  • First trimester of pregnancy
  • High risk pregnancies – all trimesters
  • Within 6 weeks of having a cardiac stent put
  • Within 6 weeks of having a rod inserted or any surgery done on the leg or foot
  • No back massage if you have a spine compression
  • No Back massage is advised during any stage of the pregnanacy

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