Reflexology for Joint Pains

Come summer, and all of us want to make the most of the beautiful weather, and look forward to great outdoor activities. Be it a game of golf, a quick gully cricket match or an evening full of soccer, basket ball or tennis. Not to forget, long walks to enjoy the lovely summer blooms. As much as we enjoy this, most are later riddled with terrible joint pains especially knees and back due to the physical activity.

Foot Reflexology has been proven to give you quick relief albeit for a short time, for all your aches and pains. Well trained therapists will instantly be able to locate the knots on your foot and calves and dexterously through various techniques, knead away your pain.

Most professionals advise regular weekly or fortnightly sessions for anyone suffering from chronic symptoms of knee and back pain.

It will be important to note that joint pains, especially back pain are not just a case of physical strain but also a manifestation of built up stress and emotional strain. So go ahead and show yourself some love by giving your self a great foot reflexology therapy by our experts at Footworks -India’s finest foot reflexology chain