Reflexology to Cope with Examination Stress

March and April are some of the most stressful periods for most families, especially for families with teen-aged kids. With high-school examinations, boards, pre-university and university examinations and not to forget the entrance tests for various professional colleges, all happening between March and June of any year.

The best-way you can help your loved ones cope with exam stress is get them a session of foot reflexology. It won’t eat into too much of the study time for the students – even 45 minutes can work wonders to re-charge your child and help him or her relax, refresh and rejuvenate for the next round. If they have been burning the midnight oil, then this also helps them get the quality 40 winks needed to refresh.

Our feet have  thousands of nerves.  During a session of authentic Chinese Foot Reflexology at Footworks, we ensure that each of these nerves get individual attention; thus weeding out the knots and restoring balance and flow in your body to help relax and rejuvenate.

When treating a client with reflexology for stress we focus on three reflex points: the adrenal gland, solar plexus and diaphragm. These are all located just under the ball of your foot, or as reflexologists know it, the ‘fire’ area. This area of the foot controls your emotions such as fear and anger. When you’re stressed, it can feel hard or enlarged. Focusing treatment on these areas alleviates stress and relaxes your breathing. It restores normal energy flow around the body so you feel calmer and sleep better.

If you know a student who’s facing exam anxiety, why not book them a reflexology session to help calm their nerves and take their mind off the situation. There’s no minimum age for treatment. Reflexology is for everyone – stressed parents too!

Wishing all you the very best for your exams!!!