Reflexology and Diabetes

Today’s high stress lifestyles and poor eating habits have made diabetes (hyperglycemia) almost like an epidemic in Urban India. Processed foods, fast foods, packaged foods… you name these and urban Indians are all completely hooked on to this, be it compulsion of time, peer pressure or simple laziness. The result being India is the diabetes capital of the world!!!

Most people dealing with diabetes as a condition are shattered on learning about the condition, however early detection and a few lifestyle changes can help one manage this condition successfully without really hindering you from being physically active and carrying on with your daily routine normally.

Along with the prescribed medication, one will need to make basic dietary changes and practice a robust exercise regimen.

Along with all this regular sessions of foot reflexology can help you cope with symptoms of diabetes like tingling and numbness in the hands and feet also known as neuropathy, insomnia, fatigue and dry-mouth.

The therapists if informed can work on the reflex points on the hands and feet that are directly connected to the pancreas, stomach, endocrine glands thereby improving blood circulation to these organs by removing the blockages and re-charging your body’s entire lymphatic drainage system.

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