Foot Reflexology for Knee Pain

For years, the Chinese have successfully deployed Chinese foot Reflexology as part of their traditional techniques to cope with Knee Pain.

With most countries either coping with an aging population or the obesity epidemic, Knee Pain and other Joint Pains are some of the most common conditions everyone faces in their day to day life.

There could be many causes for Knee Pain – Injury, Chronic Rheumatism or Arthritis, Osteoporosis or simply wear and tear due to age. In most cases the damage done to the bone tissue is irreversible, but one can ease the pain by strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has co-related various organs of the body that aid in strengthening of muscles, tendons and ligaments. As per TCM  the spleen supports in building strong and healthy muscles while an effectively functioning liver is imperative for healthy ligaments & tendons.

A well trained reflexologist can help you manage your pain while simultaneously working their way around your foot to help you relax and de-toxify.

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