• Induces a state of deep relaxation
  • Encourages the opening and cleansing of neural pathways
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
  • Stimulates the central nervous system
  • Raises energy levels throughout the body
  • Revitalizes the body's natural energy flow


Resources - How can Reflexology Help?

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  • Reflexology & Diabetes

    Reflexology is great for the localized symptoms of poor blood circulation and neuropathy (a tingling, numbness, coldness, pain or loss of sensation due to nerve damage).

    Reflexology Association of Connecticut (RACT) - Reflexology Footnotes: Diabetes and Reflexology, January 2007, revealed that reflexology stimulates the pancreas and liver, thereby aiding in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels. It further showed that reflexology is a holistic treatment that can effectively heal vulnerable organs, reduce blood sugar level fluctuations, as well as help alleviate stress and tension, which cause many health problems . For treating diabetes initially it is recommended to have regular treatments, once or twice a week. As general vitality and health improve the sessions can be spread out further until they would be once every month to 6 weeks as maintenance. Or until they are no longer required (such as in the case of gestational diabetes)

  • Reflexology & Cancer

    5 Ways Reflexology May Help Cancer Patients

    • Decreased nausea and vomiting when undergoing chemo or radiation therapy. This isn’t really surprising since Reflexology has been shown to be effective in helping the body return to balance. Just about every sort of digestive problem can be positively impacted with Reflexology, including nausea.
    • A significant and immediate effect on pain; often reducing the need for pain medications. For cancer patients looking for alternatives to prescription drugs to manage pain, the studies report Reflexology can deliver results.
    • Improved energy and reduced fatigue – Again this is one of the benefits routinely reported by most of my clients. It’s no surprise that cancer patients would experience the same benefits from Reflexology sessions.
    • Improved mental outlook - This was the effect that most surprised researchers conducting studies on Reflexology for cancer patients. Study on participants reported markedly increased feelings of well-being and greatly reduced anxiety.
    • Reflexology’s ability to relieve stress…In some studies participants reported they also felt more capable of coping with their situation after receiving Reflexology.
  • Reflexology & Arthritis

    Reflexology can offer the following benefits to those coping with Arthritis: Pain relief – The existing research into the effectiveness of reflexology in treating arthritis has concentrated on its ability to reduce pain or the need for pain medications. Regular treatments have been shown to reduce pain and (in some cases) help to alleviate the depression long term sufferers. Detoxification – Individuals coping with gout, pseudo gout and certain other forms of arthritis are often encouraged to change their diets in order to improve their symptoms. Regular reflexology sessions can help to speed up the process of removing toxins from the body and will have a positive effect on your metabolic rate. Improve sleep – Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why people struggle with sleep. It’s also a bit of a catch-22 situation; if you could get more and better sleep, you wouldn’t be as aware of the pain. Improve circulation – Reflexology is an excellent way of improving the circulation of both blood and lymph, particularly in peripheral areas. Improving the circulation will help to remove toxins that are contributing to arthritic symptoms. Reduce stress levels - Living with the discomfort of arthritis is going to generate a certain amount of stress in your life, no matter what else is happening. Long-term stress can leave you feeling exhausted, debilitated and prone to developing other symptoms of ill-health – as well as making your arthritic symptoms worse. Regular treatments can help to keep stress at manageable levels and to keep you in optimum health. Improve the immune response – Some forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis in particular, are auto-immune conditions. They develop as a result of the body’s immune system starting to attack other body tissues. Reflexology concentrates on balancing all body systems; that includes encouraging the immune system to respond normally.

  • Reflexology & Hypertension & Stress

    Reflexology can help sufferers of High Blood Pressure with one of the factors of our modern life styles - Stress. Everyone suffers from stress now and again, and too much stress can result into physical ailments such as High Blood Pressure. Reflexology is a truly remarkable treatment, using specialized massage techniques to the feet it can help to correct imbalances through out the body and help release blocked energy. This will enable you and your heart to relax, slow down your heart rate and provide you with a sense of well-being. It helps to reduce heart rate by using different massage techniques on various pressure points on the feet, these points correspond to different areas around the body, this helps the blocked energy to be released and enabling you to relax and in turn hopefully be less stressed.To help maintain reduced stress levels regular treatments of Reflexology would be recommended, with lower stress levels. Other ailments can also be improved, for example, you may notice improved sleep, reduced headaches and reduced pain. Reflexology.Reflexology can improve the functioning of heart and circulatory system and the hypertension by focusing on relaxation, and by reducing stress.

  • Reflexology in Performance Sports

    Athletes are finding relief from body aches and pains as well as recovery from injuries and surgeries when incorporating reflexology into their routines.Reflexology is frequently being utilized as a tool for pain management, including for the customary aches and pains common to the sportsman and athlete. Athletic individuals are also seeking out the services of professional reflexologists to speed recovery after injuries and surgeries.Runners and walkers especially benefit from the application of techniques applied to the feet but other types of sports enthusiasts are finding reflexology beneficial. Professional and amateur athletes can add a reflexologist to their team of healthcare professionals to aid recovery and keep them going strong. Reflexology in Performance Sports Baseball, soccer, football and other competitive sports require players to have contact with each other during warm ups and the game. Chances of injuries can be high in these types of sports simply because of the contact with other players on the field.

  • Reflexology & Injuries

    • Decrease stress and pain levels
    • Accelerate the body’s own healing process
    • Reduce inflammation by improving circulation

    Some foot injuries may require the reflexologist to switch to the reflex maps found on the hands or the ears until the foot has improved and can be worked on again.In addition to muscle and soft tissue injuries, more serious injuries relating to the spine and brain can occur in contact sports. Anecdotally, reflexology may be a helpful tool to aid in the recovery from a spinal cord or brain injury.

  • Reflexology & Outdoor Hobbies

    Seasonal golfers, downhill skiers and runners may encounter repetitive use and other forms of injuries. Reflexology can be added to a bi-weekly or monthly routine to maintain endurance and flexibility as well as to cope from the body-strain.Golfers and tennis players find hand reflexology to be very helpful in reducing tension in the hands and upper body. Skiers, runners and other athletic types that abuse their feet will find foot reflexology to be a favorite. Reflexology is not a Substitute for Physical Therapy or Medical Treatment While it can be a nice adjunct to a wellness plan, reflexology should not be misconstrued as a stand-alone therapy. Some athletes will require corrective surgeries or procedures to recover from an injury; and physical therapy can play a large role in the recovery process.When visiting the reflexologist for the first time after an injury, be sure to take along scan reports to give the practitioner a full picture of what areas of the body are affected. Did the doctor say it was tendonitis? Which tendon had to be replaced or repaired? Is it a fracture or just inflammation? These will be some questions the therapist will ask .

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